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    Earth Support has come to use non-violence approach to handle environmental threats and to provide lasting solutions.
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    Earth Support Organization is supporting the earth for future generations.
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  • Earth Support Organization

    In our 21st century, the entire world lives in an era of technological breakthroughs - but also of threatening environmental degradation & break down. The ecosystems that supply man & other living creatures with food, shelther, freah water and clean air have been seriously damaged. Biodiversity and natural habitats are fast disappearing. And our natural resources are not being used in a sustainable manner.

    To this effect, most plant and animal species are being endangered. There is shortage of food & portable water supply. There is also increase in diseases and natural disasters. Morealso, are the effects of global warming and climate change.

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  • About Earth Support

    The organization was formed as an NGO in 2009, in Nigeria, under the name Earth Support Organization. It was an initiative of some environmental campaigners who saw at this time that our planet Earth is fast decaying, and therefore needs urgent attention and support.

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